Junior pope Leaked Viral Tape videos (+18)

Junior pope Leaked Viral Tape videos (+18)

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You see this Life jacket!!!!

It seems like a joke, but this is your only chance of survival in the sea.

I worked offshore and I can tell you, water is such a powerful scary creation.

Some of you don’t take life serious and when I see people go on the sea without safety precautions, I don’t pity them coz they don’t value their lives.

2020-2022, I was travelling from Akwaibom to bonny island and island to Porthacourt almost every week/ month – Via Ogoni water ways or Nembe water- through delta waters to Porthacourt.

Best time to travel by sea is in the morning- 6Am-11am. From 12pm down- The waves will increase and as such comes the rough sea conditions.. Note- Wind is directly proportional to the wave.

I usually at all time will ask the boat driver or the boys there to help me make sure I am wearing the life jacket very well as there’s a certain way you have to wear the jacket- it has to fit in very well and tightly worn.
N/B- If you don’t wear this life jacket well, if any accident happens, the life jacket will drown you.. so you have to make sure you wear it the right way.

These small boats are not well regulated. The engines are always bad. Many times in the middle of the sea, the engines will go off and the waves will be closing in on you in the middle of the rough sea.

The boat driver is well experienced and knows how to swim very well. He will survive when the accident happens. And you will probably swallow water and sink.

Use life Jacket at all times.

If There’s no life jacket, DO NOT board that boat.
DO NOT BOARD THE BOAT!!! This is the minimum required safety gear for boarding an open boat.

Request for it.

Nollywood itself isn’t regulated..

You go for shooting-

Minimum requirements- An Ambulance with a medical personnel
A diver on stand by
A medical facility close to the shooting location.

But I guess these producers don’t like spending money

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