Alleged Sextape Of Popular Comedian/Tiktoker Phoebe Sparks Outrage As She Denies Being The One In The Video (+18 Video)

n a shocking turn of events, a purported sextape featuring the well-known comedian and TikTok sensation Phoebe has ignited a firestorm of outrage across social media platforms. The explicit video, which has been circulating online, has drawn substantial attention, prompting an impassioned debate among fans, followers, and the public at large.

Phoebe, whose comedic skits and engaging content have garnered her a substantial following on various social media platforms, has unequivocally denied any involvement in the video. The entertainer expressed deep dismay and frustration at the alleged attempt to tarnish her reputation, stating that the person in the video is not her and that the content has been maliciously manipulated to resemble her.

Watch video below (Warning:- +18 only)

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