Thinkers Tonic Africa. Vol 279

1. If you can maximize your potential, you can become the essential.
Yomi Ariyo

2. If you can prepare yourself, you can be the best.
Yomi Ariyo

3. If you can think different, you can become the uncommon.
Yomi Ariyo

4. If you can be contented, you can smile peacefully.
Yomi Ariyo

5. If you can be creative, you can calve out your destiny.
Yomi Ariyo

6. If you can believe in yourself, you can stop the unstoppable.
Yomi Ariyo

7. If you can understand your passion, you can metamorphose into your true version.
Yomi Ariyo

8. If you can make good decisions, you can go the extra miles.
Yomi Ariyo

9. If you can hate to hate a fellow, you can stop a devil from shining.
Yomi Ariyo

10. If you can keep your dignity, you can become the reflection of true beauty.
Yomi Ariyo

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