#UFC278: Watch How Leon Edwards Knocked Out Kamaru Usman

It was of the greatest upset for Nigerians around the world as they watched Leon Edwards beat Kamaru Usman.

Leon Edwards vs Kamaru Usman


Usman came into the fight as a favourite having lost his last UFC fight in 2013 which was during the early days of his career. The bout between both men was fought in the early hours of Sunday, August 21st, 2022.

Edwards took the first round of the fight as he was able to get past the Nigerian but Usman got back into the fight as he dominated the second, third and fourth round of the bout.

However, the hopes of millions of Nigerians who stayed up to watch the fight were squashed when Edwards gave Usman an overhead kick with knocked him out. Edwards is the first person to take down and beat Usman via knockout.


By Naijablow

A Nigerian Comedian and a Blogger

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