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Top 10 Nigerian Musicians With The Highest YouTube Subscribers (April 2022 UPDATE)

Top 10 Nigerian Musicians With The Highest YouTube Subscribers (April 2022 UPDATE)

YouTube is one of the foremost streaming platforms in the music industry without a doubt.

The importance of YouTube is even further elevated by the fact that it is the widely-accepted source for music videos worldwide and it is free.

So yes, sometimes, maybe the success of any artist can be judged by how many views they get on YouTube.

Views are one thing. But subscribers is a whole different ball game because it takes consistency to build a dedicated following on a platform like YouTube. When it comes to YouTube, many are called but only a few are chosen really.

Quickly, here is a list of the Nigerian artists with the highest subscribers on YouTube, in descending order.

7. Yemi Alade (1.96 million)

Well, well, well. Mama Africa is not a fluke after all. With a channel that’s approaching two million subscribers on YouTube, well she’s definitely one of Nigeria’s top acts.

6. Tekno (2.02 million)

Tekno has done some really mad numbers, let’s not forget that his success is by no means a stroke of luck. He worked hard for all of this.

5. Wizkid (2.33 million)

He should probably be higher up on this list than he is right now but of course all of his stuff before the “Ayo” album was not on his Starboy TV channel. So, it’s understandable. Man’s got good numbers still.

4. Burna Boy (2.4 million)

The African Giant is not in the zoo! No. He’s on YouTube doing incredible numbers!

3. Flavour (2.53 million)

Perhaps the most surprising on the list, Flavour sits at number 3 and that’s just crazy! Flavour of Africa!

2. Davido (2.9 million)

Of course, the OBO is high up. The man’s got some of the most-watched videos in Nigeria and yeah that’s no coincidence.

1. CKay (2.92 million)

Wow, okay, this one is mad! The youngster recently overtook Davido and that’s crazy because he’s not even on the level of Wizkid and co yet.

Damn. What about when he’s been around for ten years? What numbers would he pull then?

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