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Seven Artists Wizkid Has Helped Throughout His Career

Seven Artists Wizkid Has Helped Throughout His Career
Seven Artists Wizkid Has Helped Throughout His Career

Wizkid is indeed the whole package and more.

The 31-year-old Afrobeats star has gone from a kid from the ghetto to the first real global pop star from Africa.

His impact and influence in the music industry is a result of the cumulative of his efforts over the course of his decade-long career that started with the release of his debut album, “Superstar” in 2011.

Today, he’s not just the biggest, he is the greatest ever. He’s broken as well as set records that won’t be broken by anyone, anytime soon. Big Wiz is the GOAT. There is no question about that.

But we rise by lifting others. And if you look at Wizkid‘s illustrious career, you might be inclined to think he has, in fact, not contributed anything to the career of others. That is just not true, though. Throughout his career, this guy has made moves that have set other people in position and given them the wave they needed at the time.

Here’s a list of seven people in the music industry that Wizkid has helped over the course of his career:

1. Duncan Mighty

Now you can say Duncan Mighty was a legend before or come up with whatever cockamamie claim that suggests Wizkid didn’t do anything for the “Obianuju” but we both know he did.

In 2018, when WizKid hopped on the same song with Duncan Mighty, “Fake Love,” nobody was thinking about Duncan. Nobody! Wizkid gave him the wave he ran on that year. After Wiz, everyone wanted to feature Duncan Mighty — and most did.

Without “Fake Love,” there would never have been a resurgence of Duncan Mighty and by now he’d be long forgotten.

2. Tiwa Savage

If you remove Wizkid from Tiwa Savage‘s career, there’ll be a huge gap nobody can fill in it. Wizkid first gave her a hit in 2015, when they collaborated on “Bad.”

In 2017, when they linked up again and did “Ma Lo,” it was an instant hit. All thanks to Wizkid, Tiwa gained the momentum to release a project then and keep her name in the mainstream.

For what it’s worth, it could’ve been Tiwa Savage on Wizkid‘s “Essence.” They had the chemistry, there is no question about that.

3. Kcee

Kcee‘s biggest hit is “Limpopo” for sure. But the Kcee of the afro-pop era could never have had a follow-up hit big enough to overturn “Limpopo.”

But then there is Wizkid, dashing hits outs. Wiz linked up with Kcee and they did one of the biggest afro-pop collabs of all time, “Pull Over.”

Although they did a single together in 2017, “Psycho,” it is without a doubt that Kcee’s career could not have advanced without Wizkid‘s Midas touch in 2013.

4. L.A.X

L.A.X could have been bigger than this, had WizKid paid him more attention. The guy had the potential. And yeah, it’s partly Wizkid‘s fault that he didn’t become a superstar.

But the fact that LA even has a career today is because of Wizkid‘s influence. All the hits he had back in the day were because of Wizkid. There was the Starboy collective, “Caro” which was on Wizkid‘s album and there was L.A.X‘s single, “Ginger,” which also featured Starboy.

5. Olamide

Without “Omo To Shan,” Olamide would just have been that “Eni Duro” rapper with a debut album that has no mainstream hit. He’d have been called a one-hit-wonder.

But Wizkid came through for Olamide, in 2011, in 2014 when they did “Confam Ni,” in 2018 when they linked up for “Kana” and in 2019 when they made “Totori.”

Olamide would’ve still been a big artist without Wizkid, of course, but in 2011, without a hit like “Omo To Shan” who knows what would have become of Olamide?

6. Beyonce

Wizkid lo help BeyonceBeyonce used Wizkid‘s influence to repurpose herself and gain global influence that cut across continents, including Africa.

Without Wizkid and “Brown Skin Girl,” Beyonce wouldn’t have won a Grammy this year, and by now she’ll be trying to pick up what will be left of her dead career.

7. Killertunes

The only reason you even know what that name is is because of Wizkid. Put some respect on the guy’s name. Shabalistical.

Who Else Do You Think WizKid Helped Up In The Music Industry?

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