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Portable Explains Why He Dropped Kogbagidi In Favour Of Another Promoter

Portable Explains Why He Dropped Kogbagidi In Favor Of Another Promoter.Portable Explains Why He Dropped Kogbagidi In Favor Of Another Promoter.

Nigerian musician, Portable has spoken out about the breakdown between himself and his promoter, Kogbagidi.

There have been numerous issues and disagreements between Portable, Poco Lee, and Kogbagidi since the debut of Portable’s hit song Zazoo Zehh. Portable has accused Poco Lee of monetary and intellectual property theft, as well as his promoter, Kogbagidi, of cheating him.

Despite their differences, various parties had come to an agreement to handle their difficulties. Portable thanked Olamide, Poco Less, and his promoter, Kogbagidi, for their assistance in his music career a few weeks ago.

However, it appears that certain issues were not totally resolved, as Portable has confirmed that he has fired his promoter, Kogbagidi, whom he accused of exploiting him. Portable confirmed the split in a podcast with Nigerian musician Jahbless, and even disclosed his new promoter, Danku. Portable indicated that he dismissed Kogbagidi because he wanted to operate freely.

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