Phambili, South Africa: Meet some of the good people who keep this country going

South Africa: the home of boerewors, babbalas, and Amabokoboko.

It’s a beautiful country filled with bold, brave, and glass-half-full people who push ahead.

It’s been a dark week for South Africans, but we’re here to help you shake off the blackout blues!

As the biggest digital news publisher in Mzansi, we know the news cycle can often feel like a groot gemors.

There’s no shortage of crises, political scandals, investigative bombshells, and cringeworthy corporate blunders in the country – but it’s not all mgowo and state capture skollies.

To mark Heritage Day weekend, we’ve put together a special edition of our Good News Day project, highlighting some of the heart-warming stories of hope in our country.

View our Good News project here.

You’ll meet the tenacious teachers, artists, entrepreneurs, security guards, aunties and uncles who are transforming tears into triumph and taking the country forward.

So, before you break out the chakalaka and braai tongs this weekend, click here to have a read through some of the beautiful News24 stories focusing on the best of South Africa.


WATCH | Good News

It’s time to shift the focus. To shine a light on the bold, brave, glass-half-full people who keep this country going.

By Naijablow

A Nigerian Comedian and a Blogger

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