Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

It’s so true that The Nigerian music industry is a perfect example of the phrase “Soldier go, Soldier Come”.

As the elders in the game who were once dominating the industry fades out, the young and hungry artists are constantly showing their willingness and ability to take up their place.

Over the past decades, the Nigerian entertainment industry have experienced a lot of groups firm and disband over personal and different issues.

Groups we thought might never be separated were publicly dissolved and so much fights we never thought could happened were greased by even family members. We’ve seen a twin band turn to bitter enemies.

As interesting, bad, disheartening, or inviting the fights might seem, there are some of these crew we style love to see come together.

There are some of these crew that are no more together not because of a fight but maybe internal crisis, conflict of interest, or lack of reasonable output.

So Guys 👇

Between Plantashun Boiz, P Square, Styl Plus, And KC Presh Which Of These Groups Would You Love To Bring Back?

Let Us Know How And What You Feel About This

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