[NB story] LOVE KNOWS NO BOUND – episode 5

My home lesson started that same day mummy had a meeting with Mr Williams. He came home about an hour later, after school closed.

He and Mummy already spoke over the phone, so, it was easy for him to get our home address. I was angry at his lateness which I portrayed in my acts while I went opening the gate for him.

He noticed my acts towards him and he apologized for being late. I Don’t care if he’s a gentleman, I still don’t like him.

I hurriedly rushes inside, I went to straight to the kitchen, not caring if he’d find his way inside.

Well he did, because he called out my name while I was in the kitchen pretending to do something. “Kunbi, lets start our lessons” he said.

“I’m coming”, I said to him in a harsh tone.  I made sure I wasted fifteen minutes of the time before I went to him.

He still didn’t get mad, instead he started the lessons.  “Okay so let’s begin”, he said as he flipped through some pages.

All through the lesson period, I kept on giving attitude. He noticed all but didn’t say a word .

“Do you understand this topic we just treated?” He asked calmly.  “No, I don’t”. I said in a sharp tone “Fine, lets do it again” he said calmly.

I could understand if I wanted to, because he was extra careful in explaining but I just didn’t give a damn and I was bent on frustrating him.

He still didn’t mind, as he took his pain to start all over again. But I paid attention this time.

“Do you now understand?” He asked calmly . I understood, But I said “No”

“Fine, lets take it again”, he said, still calm in his approach and dealings.

He started to explain the topic all over again and I started to wonder if men as Calm as Me Williams still exist. I felt pity for him as I looked up at him.

For some reasons unknown to me, my eyes were stuck on his lips. I just wanted him to smack his on mine.

He got done with the explanation and I wasn’t aware until he said;

“I hope you get it now?”

I was about saying “no” again until we heard a knock on the door. “I’ll get it”, I said.

I opened the door quickly without asking who it was. Turns out be Mummy.

“Thank God it wasn’t a thief or a kidnapper, I thought to myself”.

Her arrival was somewhat early I though. We exchanged pleasantries and I helped with what was in her hands.

I took them upstairs while she chatted with Mr Williams.

I didn’t realise time was fast gone until I saw the wall clock In mummy’ s room ticking 6:30pm .

I felt bad for having wasted mr Williams’ time with my silly attitude which I’m not planing on stopping any time soon.

I went back downstairs to realise Mr Williams already took his leave. I didn’t like that I didn’t get to see him before he left.

“How was your lesson?” Mummy asked smiling at me . “It was okay”, I said, not smiling back.  “Any funny act?”

“No mum, he’s a gentleman and completely responsible and patient too” I said with my face lighting up.

“I thought you trusted him, so why the questions?” I asked

“Yes, I do trust him but one can’t be too sure.

I really do like him,he seems like a wise kid”, mum said smiling at me.

“Be patient with him Kunbi, I don’t want any complaints from him”, she added.

I’m not getting why mummy is keen on this Mr Williams. Wait! what’s mummy trying to insinuate?

Mummy has a soft spot for people but not men. Ever since she and daddy went apart, its been just me and her except for recently, when we started receiving this male guest that comes every Sunday.

He makes mummy happy and at least she loosens up. But I dislike that man too but not as much as I dislike Mr William. Or does mummy like mr Williams?

Oh No! mummy can’t be that dirty. I’m so stupid to think of my mother like that. There must be something about Mr Williams that interest her, sadly, I’ve not seen that thing yet.

“Mummy, does Mr Williams seem like a flirt to you?” I asked . “Kunbi, what’s your own definition of a flirt?” She asked almost sounding angry.

“Ermmm! a guy who moves around with multiple women” I said

“AdeKunbi” Mummy shouted with her eyes wide open. “Is this what you’ve been going to learn in school?” She asked.

“No Mummy, but what’s the big deal in my question? Even small Demilade in the next compound knows the meaning of a flirt.

How much me, Adekunbi Adebayo, a 16 year old girl who would be gaining admission to the university soon” I said raising my shoulders high to gesture how big I am.

“You’re my best friend, I should tell you anything. You also taught me to always speak my mind, which is what I’m doing now” I said while I smiled at Mummy.

“All these computer kids” she said as she rolled her eyes at me.

“Well if that’s the case, then, he has every reason to be. I mean he seems perfect”, mummy said answering to the question I asked concerning Mr Williams.

“Mummy, I don’t get why you keep saying sweet things about him, I hate that man. I wonder why you even went to him in the first place. I hate that circumstances brought us together” I said angrily.

While I was saying all these, mummy looked at me in silence

“Kuuunnnnbiiiii!! what has come over you? Why so much disgust for him?

I didn’t train you up to be like this. If there’s a problem you better talk and stop letting hatred eat you up” she said angrily.

“Mummy are you choosing him over me?” I asked in tears.

“Will you shut up! I’m doing this for you. You Don’t have an extra life except school, home, church.

You Don’t even have friends, you’re always alone. I was scared the separation between your father and I caused all these and I didn’t want you to be this way.

Remember I didn’t know him from anywhere, until I got to your school. You were there when I was speaking to him and he sounded and acted so sensible which is hard to find in the youths of today.

I thought you could make a companion out of him like an elder brother or something. This is just to help you so at least you’ll have a male figure In your life.

You Don’t even like Mr Yemi (the man that comes every Sunday) and yet you’re advising that I get married. With this attitude of yours, I don’t think that would work.

Its enough that your father put me through hell, I wont have you treat me the same way” she said almost in tears.

“Get a hold of yourself young woman”, she said as she walked out on me.

I burst into tears as mummy as never spoken to me like that in a long while, except for when she was having issues with daddy.
God I messed up, I thought to myself.

How could I even think Mummy likes mr Williams that way? I mean she’s way older than him. Mr Williams should be in his early twenties.

That night, I cried myself to bed as I thought of how mummy always try to protect and make sure I get what I want, And all I could do was have a dirty thought of her.

My early morning alarm woke me up, as it was time for school again, at least its Friday, I’ll have time this weekend except that Mr Williams would always come over every Saturday.

I don’t even know how the arrangement of my lessons goes, I have to ask Mr Williams and also apologise for my gross behavior.

I rushed up to mummy’s room so I could apologise to her. I knocked quietly on her door while she responded “come in”. I entered while I immediately went on my knees.

“I’m sorry mummy, I didn’t mean to upset you, I don’t know what came over me” I said in a quiet tone.

“Hmmm Adekunbi” she said while she gestured that I take a seat beside her. She said; “when I tell you things I.

I go through, Its not because I want you to be violent or to use it in a negative way.

I do this because I have no one to talk to and I see you as my Best Friend, you’re all I have and I’ll do anything to protect you.

Now if I see you acting this way, you get me worried and I get scared and I have nothing else to say than to conclude that I turned you into this woman you’ve become.

I don’t want you to see life as a bad thing, because life is beautiful. We just have to be careful. You hate your father that’s why you feel disgusted by every man. I don’t want that. I don’t want you to see your father in every man.

Everybody is different and if you don’t allow us Iove You, how would we proof ourselves? All I wanted was for you to have experience and experience doesn’t have to be when things happens to you directly, it could be indirectly. You’re to learn from an experience not to become negative or violent.

Experiences are to make us wise” she said calmly.
I was in tears by the end of her little talks. I hugged her and told her I was sorry. She apologized too and asked me to get dressed for school so we won’t run late.

I felt relieved that morning as I and mummy haven’t had such talks in a long while. Mummy is actually my best friend too and we tell each other eveything.

But lately, we’ve been too busy especially mummy as all she cares about now is putting food on the table.

My mummy Mrs Agbaje (formerly Mrs Adebayo) is a woman in her late early 40’s she is hardworking and independent. She has been doing eveything on her own since daddy left. I love my mummy, I thought to myself.

I got to school in no time due to the fact that Mummy dropped me off. I was on my way to mr Williams’ office to apologize to him or be nice to him at least. As I opened the door to his office

I saw Mrs Asuko seating close to him. I got angry and I immediately got irritated. I really don’t know why I felt that way or why her presence annoys me. I just know I’m not cool seeing them together. I rushed out of the office like someone was after me.

“I knew mr Williams was not a reputable person. I mean I was on my way to apologizing to him and he was in the middle of nonsense” I thought to myself.

The rest of my day didn’t go well because I was pissed. All I wanted was to go home so I could stop seeing mr Williams face everywhere.

By Naijablow

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