Tue. Oct 26th, 2021


The unexpected as happened but it’s actually a good move for the Omo Iya Aje if he truly wants to grow.
about Oladips’ poor growth and what he should do if he wants to grow as wanted and today, he faced his fear and he leave the LRR imprint.
He got the messages we passed and he did the needful knowing fully well his fans are not really happy with his growth and all.

Other issues discussed are:-

👉 What Reminisce and LRR failed to do in order to help Oladips grow

👉 How the Big Artistes are purposely ruining the career of upcoming artistes

👉 What Oladips should do next to get his career moving to greater heights

If you really want to know about the issues between Reminisce & Oladips, then listen to this podcast.

If you’re an upcoming artiste, you need to listen also so you don’t experience the same issue.


Do You Think Oladips Took The Right Step By Dumping Reminisce’s LRR Records?

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