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Welcome to (NaijaBlow Music Group) we discovered its so difficult before some record labels will sign an upcoming artist, instead they choose to sign an artist with little fame, that is why we bring out this platform to help some uprising artist to archive some of their goals in life and on their musical career.

1) Artiste (classic package) – 5,000
1) Artiste (premium package) – 10,000
3) comedians – 5000

(Classic packages) All songs by the artist will be promoted on NAIJABLOW and hyped time to time.

(Premium packages) All songs by the artist will be promoted on NAIJABLOW and on Naijablow monthly mixtape and some other mixtapes hosted by NAIJABLOW.
Every contract lasts for one year, after one year of signing, you will have to renew it for your contract to be continued.


IF INTERESTED CONTACT:-  07080919393, 08160975082 OR EMAIL:- malipizu@gmail.com.

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