Meet The Man Born Without A Jaw, Who Found Love With His Gorgeous Wife

Joseph Williams, whose story of being born without a jaw and discovering true love despite the odds made headlines weeks ago, is married to Vania. The 39-year-old lady was the one who helped the man shatter the myth, but now she is being punished for marrying someone who was viewed as being significantly beneath her.

Williams and Vania from Chicago got married in 2020, contrary to the expectations of most total strangers.

Williams was born without a jaw or chin due to the rare disorder of otofacial syndrome. As many may have predicted, the man had to endure terrible bullying at school and struggled to find love because of his “poor self-esteem” and his pervasive sense of worthlessness.

Vania, however, entered his life and disproved his claims. She was unsure of herself and “never dated anyone with a disability,” but with time, her attitude shifted.

“As I got to know Joe more, I no longer saw his face; all I saw was his energy and attitude.”

With so many sceptic viewpoints and critical eyes, especially on Vania who is frequently accused of “cheating on him,” things weren’t entirely smooth-sailing. Others would request a kiss or other intimate contact and claim that they are acting in this way “for attention.”

When the two of us go out, Vania observed, “People mostly simply stare; occasionally, they whip out their phones to record or take pictures, but they never say anything, just stare.”

With the exception of her mother, who was concerned that she would need to care for him round-the-clock, Vania’s family was always encouraging.

Williams, however, who was given up for adoption as a result of his physical deformity, has acquired a number of life skills that have helped him to lead as normal a life as possible.

“I can breathe easier thanks to a trachea, a tube located in my neck. And when I was two years old, I was taught sign language to aid with communication. Since then, though, I’ve also discovered more means of communication, including taking notes and using my phone to type. I can put blended food into a tube in my stomach, but because of this, I have never experienced food.”

Vania quickly assured the mother that her worries were unjustified when she said, “[Joseph] doesn’t need my help with anything.”

There are so many presumptions and biases. But for them, the only thing that matters is how much they love one another.

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