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Hi My Name is Mali Pizu CEO NaijaBlow Promotions, With My Experience For Years Now in Promoting Upcoming, Fast-rising Artist and Some That Have Gotten To The Limelight. I Discovered Alot That Many Artist Of This days Don’t Really Know Anything About The Music Game/Business. as dey use to say (problem no dey finish) Let Me Go Straight To My Point. I Will Be Giving You The Differences Between The Artist Of The Year 2000  till Year 2021.

Artists Between
2000 – 2015
1) They Dress like an Artist.
2) They Do Freestyles Time 2 Time.
3) They Go To Shows (that’s why you can find that wizkid & zlatan throwback picture, that zlatan looks like old buhari).
4) They Share There Songs From Hand 2 Hand, Home 2 Home. E.t.c
5) Any Artist Bigger Than Them is a Mentor.
6) No Matter How The Party Small They Will Sholly Handle The Mic To Showcase Their Talent.
7) They Visit Studios Regularly Due To The Passion and also learn From Each other.
8) All There Social Media Handle Is Talking About What Dey Do, which is Music.

Artist Between
2015 – 2021
1) They Dress like Yahoo, Jumping From His Guy Lexus and Benz From one Hotel To Another.
2) No Time For Freestyle, The Only Freestyle is “I know Say One Day I Go Blow” after Taking Colorado + Weed🤐
3) No Time For Shows, Its From One Hotel to Another, Order Olosho wey Him Go Do For Free, any show wey wizkid no dey him no go like go🤔 I pity you.
4) After Recording They Drop Their Songs On Audiomack, Can’t Even Pay Bloggers/Promoters and They Go To WhatsApp/Facebook to post “”Now Out Everywhere”” (But wait Oh! Did You Even Know The Different Between Audiomack & Normal Blog?) “that’s why you need to know more about the business”
5) Any Artist Bigger Than Them is Hatred, They Begin To Form Boss instead Of Learning.
6) All There Social Media Handle You can Only Find His Picture Chilling with Bukky or Angela, or In a Hotel Room or In The Club Popping Goldberg and Asu, instead of Promoting His Talent. Now Tell Me How People and Record Label Will Recognize You or Even Sign You.

7) Invite Them For Shows, They Will Ask For Pay😂 (Brother Street No Tire You)
8) Whenever They Are Recording They Don’t Accept Mistakes nor Correction, All Dey Do is Best. 😠Dj khaleed >we the best music.

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