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Karim Benzema Takes Final Decision On Appeal Over Sex Tape Blackmail Sentencing

Real Madrid star Karim Benzema has made his final decision on his appeal over his sex tape blackmail verdict.

Karim Benzema Sex Tape Blackmail
Karim Benzema

France forward and Real Madrid star Karim Benzema has taken his final steps on his appeal over accusations of him using a former teammate’s sex tape to blackmail him.

The French star has decided to drop the appeal over the court verdict that found him guilty of the act over six years ago. His lawyers had stated that the star had been ‘exhausted’ by the lengthy process even though the appeal was supposed to commence on the 30th of June to the 1st of July 2022.

He was found guilty of trying to convince his teammate to make payment to those that had been blackmailing him with the sex tape that had been stolen from his phone.

This case was one of the cases that led to him not being included in the French national team for over five years.

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