Jim Iyke And Popular Ghanaian Celebrity, Matthew Mensah Fight Dirty Over Stolen Clothes, Shoes


Popular Nigerian celebrity actor, Jim Iyke and Ghanaian celebrity, Mathew Mensah are currently at logger heads over theft.

Things became messy for the two former BFFs after Jim Iyke accused Mensah of stealing from him.

The duo reportedly became friends in South Africa during one of Jim’s trips.

Things stated to crumble for the friends after Mensah offered to help Jim arrange his luggage when he wanted to return to Nigeria.

Whisperers alleged that, “Jim had already put his shoes in the luggage. Jim left Mensah in his room as he went to the bathroom. When he returned, he discovered that Mensah had opened his suitcase, which contained the majority of his shoes, while also helping him pack. When he questioned Mensah, he replied that he had seen one pair of slippers by the bed and had opened to put that one in. Once in Nigeria, Jim discovered that some of his clothing, sunglasses, and other items were missing. He even told Mensah about it, and Mensah was the first to start blaming other people.”

Mensah reportedly denied taking anything from Jim’s luggage.

Jim came upon pictures of Mensah wearing some of the exact items that were lost from his luggage. Mensah claimed he had purchased them on his own and that he could afford them.

He denied stealing any of the sunglasses, T-shirts, or other items, but Jim realized that Matthew was really the culprit after seeing the photos online.

When close friends of the duo confronted Mensah, he reportedly denied and claimed Jim was owing him money and that Jim asked him out but he refused.

Whisperers added that things have fallen apart for them and the center can no longer hold and the duo do not see eye-to-eye anymore.

Jim Iyke And Popular Ghanaian Celebrity, Matthew Mensah Fight Dirty Over Stolen Clothes, Shoes

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