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Jaruma Could Not Save Her Marriage With Her Kayamata – Ned Nwoko

Businessman Ned Nwoko had denied his wife Regina Daniels’ involvement with sex therapist Jaruma, adding that the latter’s aphrodisiac product kayamata did not work on her ex-husband, Igbere TV reports.

In a statement released by his media aide on Instagram on Wednesday, Ned said that his separation from his fifth wife Laila Charani is not linked to kayamata as said by Jaruma.

Part of the statement read:
“We note with a sense of responsibility that Prince Nwoko has nothing whatsoever to do with Jaruma’s products in relation to his cordial relationship with his actress wife, Regina Daniels.

“As for Jaruma who claimed her kayamata is working on Ned Nwoko and that was why his wife Laila left, such speculations are baseless and laughable. To put the records in clear perspective, let us ask. Jaruma married a younger man, how come the marriage that produced a child ended barely after one year? How come kayamata didn’t work on the husband. Gullible fans might not know that the ex-husband left her despite the kayamata effects on him. What a joke.”

On Monday, November 1, Laila publicly revealed that her marriage to Ned has ended.

Reacting, some fans accused Regina Daniels of using kayamata to end her husband’s marriage to the Moroccan model.

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