If Your Girlfriend Works In Betting or Poll Centre, Do Not Marry Her -See Why You Shouldn’t Date or Marry A Girl That Works There.

Reasons why you must NEVER EVER date or marry any girl that works in poll centre or betting centre such as Nairabet, bet9ja, surebet, etc, are very simple and obvious.

However, if you must date or marry any, make sure she quit the job. Then rehabilitate her for maximum 6 months to get rid of the psychological effects.

Those that works in betting centre are even manageable and can be rehabilitated to normalcy easily. But the oga kpatakpata of dem all is Poll centre. It will take several months to correct the psychological impacts. I will tell you why.

Almost all the girls that works in betting centre such as bet9ja and the rest, are too loose and vulnerable. They can sleep around recklessly with random boys over little cash. But the oga kpatakpata of dem all are those that works in hotel and bars. I will get to that shortly or maybe on a separate publication entirely. Wait for it!

If you’re girlfriend is working in Betting Centre, my brother just forget about her. She’s no longer yours alone. You’re now a shareholder, your position is what I can’t tell; maybe you’re on the 100th position.

I know some people may be like, “where are your evidences or proofs to solidify your claims?”. But ladies and gentlemen, this is a public domain. In as much as I’m posting the need for one to be careful with women that works in betting and poll centre, it doesn’t mean I go just open my mouth waaaaa and say everything. DYOR! If you have a friend that plays bet, I mean those whose lives, dreams and destiny depends on betting and poll, ask them about this. They will tell you even more.😏

As for those(girls) that works in Poll Centre. Hmm my brother disembark from that careless journey o. It might end in premium tears. Those girls are used to old men. They fvck and roll with old people. Unless you’re willing to share your woman with men old enough to be your father or grandfather.

If you girlfriend is working or had in the past, worked in a poll centre, there’s 80% possiblity that she has committed abortion at least twice or thrice. It is as well possible that she’s still sleeping with old men till date. Like I said earlier on, to rehabilitate those that works in betting centre is easier than those in poll centre. The psychological effects takes years to get fixed. Unless she didn’t work there for a long period of time.

Uhm..I know by now, some of you whose girl is working or had worked in those two places, are already traumatized. My brother calm down fes. Not every woman that works in those places, sleep around with men. It is all about individual differences.

My stat is base on majority. I don’t mean to disrespect anyone o. But if you carry the matter for head like Gala, na you sabi. Thank you! Bye bye o I don japa.

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