Download mp3:- Humble Lem – Legity Baby (Prod By Zion)

Humble Lem whose full names are Abugu Lemuel Emmanuel Onyekachi.

Song infor

TITLED:. Legity baby ARTIST:. Humble Lem PROD:. Zion ALBUM:. Unknown track information

He is a songwriter and singer releases his first single titled ‘Legity baby’.

If the preceding is superb, how much more the precedings.”

Humble Lem was born in Kogi and raised in Enugu, where he did his primary and secondary schools; Hill Top primary and D Mc Glade secondary respectively concluding in 2013.

He came to Lagos to Lagos in 2017 to pursue his career but had to relent due to insecurities.

In 2020, Humble going in the direction started up his first project.

He believe in his talent and gift in the art of music and entertainment.

He says ‘am coming from no where but love and grace will take me to somewhere and everywhere.

He consequently on February14th; the valentine day releases his first single titled ‘Legity baby‘.

Humble Lem believes he had done nothing great yet as the holds a better part of him.

“I cannot wait to make music my full time career he related, because i’ve great passion and ambition for music and love my people.

Not just a musician, he a mouthpiece.

Legity Baby by Humble Lem (prod by Zion)
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