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Chrisland Scandal: Wizkid’s Babymama Reveals 10-year-old Girl’s Reaction After Video Surfaced Online

Shola argued that the incident was not a case of rape as alleged, citing what Boluwatife, her son, told her.

Wizkid’s first baby mama, Shola Ogudu has revealed the reaction of the 10-year-old Chrisland school girl who got involved in a s#x scandal with other students.

Reacting to the now-viral video, Shola argued that the incident was not a case of r#pe as alleged, citing what Boluwatife, her son, told her.

The entrepreneur said she accompanied Boluwatife to the WSG where he also represented his school.

“It took me a lot of thinking before dropping this comment. The way we just throw the word ‘rape’ around so loosely without considering how much damage it can cause,” she wrote.

“Firstly, as parents we need to pay close attention to our kids and what we expose them too, cos mahn it’s a crazy crazy world we live in. Secondly, I accompanied my son to represent his school at the just concluded WSG and I can say for a fact that the 10-year-old in question was definitely not r#ped.

“I remember vividly the ‘shock’ in my son’s face when he was telling me about a video some other kid was watching, he said mum, I couldn’t stand the video I had to excuse myself, he said the gist circulating was that the girl and her click played a game of truth or dare, of which this particular girl couldn’t stop with the mind bugging ‘dares’.

“I couldn’t believe my ears when I learned about the nasty activities this lil (little) kids get themselves involved in. To make matters worse, even when she was accosted about the video, she was owing to it with her full chest, saying yeah it’s me in the video and so.”

The brand influencer said blaming the school for the incident “is unfair,” adding that measures were put in place to ensure such did not happen.

“It bothered me so much, I needed to see these kids in question so I’ll know how to advice my child against such kids (well he knows better) before they use their reggae to spoil my blues. God abeg,” she added.

“But seeing this post now and the twist of it all, I just couldn’t take it (because I know for a fact how very very strict the teachers were on this trip) blaming such immorality and negligence on the school is unfair cos it definitely wasn’t rape!!!

“If ma’am, they were in a hotel where other schools also stayed at. To avoid stories that touch like this, they made sure the boys room was on the 10th floor and the girls room 2nd floor.

“The teachers did their parade 3-5 times daily making sure they were all in their rooms. Their were over 70 kids to 5-6 teachers (this teachers went through hell trying to get them together) but for you to know how badly behaved this kids were, they waited till after mid night (after the last roll call) to get their nasty acts on.

“You can blame the guardians all you want for trying their best and breaking their backs for kids all you want, but charity begins at home.”

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