Chiwetalu Agu Survives Spiritual Attack, Mysterious Items Brought Out Of Chest

Arrows, Bullets, Other Mysterious Items Brought Out of Chiwetalu Agu’s Chest As He Survives Spiritual Attack.

Veteran movie star Chiwetalu Agu has revealed that his enemies plotted and sent many agents to kill him.

The actor shared a video where he showed and described various items such as arrows, bullets, stones and mirror all removed from his chest, neck, and shoulder region. Chiwetalu however gave glory to God for foiling the plans of the enemy and keeping him alive despite the attacks.

The Popular Nollywood veteran Chiwetalu Agu recently revealed that he defeated his enemies and the plot to end his life in a shocking video.

In the video shared below, the actor sat behind a table with different items like nails, cowries, stones, bullets, and other mysterious items.

Chiwetalu Agu bares it all, He then proceeded to disclose that the items were removed from his shoulder, neck, and chest region by a prophet and described the various types of uncountable arrows on the table.

The actor however attributed his saving grace to the fact that he is one with God and he can’t be harmed by any enemy. “At a point I was seeing myself 5 feet under the ground in my sleep” – he said.

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