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BBNaija: Tega Blows Hot Over Bedsheet, Pillowcase

Tega, a Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, turned the house upside down over her ruffled bed sheet and missing pillow case.

This happened in the early hours of Saturday as the housemates prepared to sleep after the Jacuzzi Party on Friday night.

Tega met her bed scattered, pillow case missing and duvet gone. She became angry and shouted about the matter.

As none of the housemates seemed to pay attention, she then went to ruffle everybody’s bed and the housemates tried to calm her down.

Peace approached her and invited Tega to come have her bed because she (Peace) would sleep with Nini and Saga on one bed.

Tega responded, “You don’t get it, Babe. Somebody went to my bed, unlaid my bedspread, took out my duvet cover, removed my pillowcase and everybody is acting as if nothing happened.I can sleep on that bed but I need to know who unlaid my bed.”

Queen said, “It’s only Big Brother that can show you.”

Jaypaul also tried to calm Tega down by holding her and telling her to relax, but the mother-of-one was having none of that.

“Now Head of House is saying that he can’t do anything about it. He cannot see what is going on. If it is something else, everybody would have seen it. Let us all lay the bed to sleep again,” Tega said.

Pere came to the scene and played detective by claiming that he knows who did it but will not say anything.

However, Tega was determined to keep everyone awake as she started making noise by striking a knife on a pot.

For some of the housemates like Sammie and Angel, this was music, as they danced to the beat from the ‘pot drum’.

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