BANKY W SAGA: The Father of One and Husband to Adesua Slips

Since the news of Banky W’s alleged affair with singer, Niyola made rounds, lots of videos and photos have been dug out.

Internet sleuths have dug out a video of Banky W talking about the power of resistance and his old habits.

The video captured Banky, who was in church, talking about how he has been held in bondage to a reckless lifestyle.

He admitted in the video, to having slipped several times even when he made a strong decision to break free from his lifestyle.

Banky admonished the congregation to fill themselves with the word, in case, the resistance comes back, it would meet a house filled with purpose.

“I’m speaking from a place of personal experience because I’ve been here. I’ve been in bondage to a reckless lifestyle and a lot of times when you are in that place, you try to do it in your own power and you say I’m not going to do this again. I’m going to break free and you just find that somehow eventually, you slip up again. For me, that’s the key (pointing to the altar), don’t leave it empty. Fill it with the word of God, your life depends on this when the spirit comes back because it would come, let him meet a resistance, let him meet the house full filled with purpose, filled with the word of God, filled with life and that’s the way, that’s the key to freedom “.

Nigerians are reading meaning to it as many decoded that he was referring to his affair with Niyola.

BANKY W SAGA: The Father of One and Husband to Adesua Slips

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