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Adut Akech Runtown’s Girlfriend Buys A New House In Los Angeles

My new house in LA, I worked so hard for this and I’m so proud of myself. Grateful for all I have and I’m counting my blessings every single day.
Cheers to new beginnings ���❤️

The furniture in the house is staging and isn’t mine but I’m so excited to decorate ���

I DID IT, I BOUGHT MY FIRST HOUSE in America!!!!! ����

I’m usually quiet about personal things like this, I just be moving in silence but this one is TOO big of an achievement and proud moment for me to not share with the world. I cannot believe that at 21 years old I’m a proud owner of 5 HOUSE!!! �

I sit back reflect on my life and the things I have achieved within my career and personal life…. and damn I’m so bloody PROUD of myself for staying focused and working my ass off to get here.

I remind myself every single day how extremely BLESSED and FORTUNATE I am and for that I’m beyond GRATEFUL to God, my family, to the people in my life that courage me to keep pushing. To the people who have given me the opportunities that have led to moments like this. I’m grateful to my supporters who motivate me everyday. THANK YOU!!!! ��❤️❤️❤️
Cheers to New Beginnings!!! ��

Instagram being weird again not sure why the pictures are black but ok �

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