A MUST READ! If You Travel By Air A Lot, Beware Of This



If you travel by air a lot, beware of over friendly chatty seat Neighbour’s.

This older lady comes and sits next to me inside the plane. She asked me to help her put her bag in the overhead luggage compartment. But a gentleman sitting across quickly came through. (I am not very tall, and the overhead luggage compartment is something I try to avoid at all costs.

Immediately she sits down she strikes up a conversation. She was very pleasant and well-spoken. So, we chatted all through the flight to Dubai.

Suddenly, when the pilot announced that we were now proceeding to begin our descent into DXB, my good friend ‘developed’ stomach pains. Me with my good heart, I pressed the steward’s button, and the stewardess came to find out what the problem was. I told her my seatmate was not feeling well.

even told her my first name! I was still asked to follow the police to a little room where I was questioned extensively.

Where did I meet her?… where did I board… where did she board. Etc… And my luggage was extensively searched and dusted for fingerprints.

They dusted all her luggage, and my fingerprints were not found anywhere on her luggage or on her handbag!

I was let go with advice never ever to touch anyone’s luggage either in flight or at the airport.

So, from that day, I don’t care how much luggage you have, you will deal with it yourself. I will not even offer you a trolley to put your luggage on! Your luggage… your problem…. is my policy.

And if you can’t reach the overhead compartment, and I am the nearest person, please call the cabin crew because all I will do is give you a blank stare and then look away!

By Naijablow

A Nigerian Comedian and a Blogger

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