“A Lot Of Nigerian Women Are Okay With Cheating Men” – 9ice Estranged Wife, Toni Payne

Toni Payne, the former wife of popular singer, 9ce has stated that most Nigerian women are okay being married to a cheating partner.

She said, most women know their partners cheat but still stay because of what society will say.

She says she as a person can’t because she cares so much about her health.

She also said she has lived all her life without an STD and is not ready to get one now from a partner that cheats.

She concluded saying the Nigerian society is anti-women.

What she wrote on her Instagram page;

“I know a lot of Naija women are ‘ok’ with men that cheat and our backwards ass Naija society tags you as ”not strong” if you chose not to put up with it.. plus the tag ‘Mrs’ is so important to some, that they would risk their lives for it.

That whole society in my opinion is anti-woman and very f3cked up but that’s a topic for another day. As for men, I would never stay with a serial cheat because besides the emotional and mental trauma it brings, the fear of catching an std won’t let me. Yeah, some lie and hide it. That risk is surely there.

Knowingly putting my health at risk is what I cant do. I’ve gone all my life without STD and I’d like to pretty much keep it that way. Also. I put ok in quotes for a reason.. cos is anyone truly ok with it. Or they just pretend to keep up appearances.”

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