Tue. Oct 26th, 2021
Wizkid May Not Win Grammy Like Burna Boy Next Year – See Why
Wizkid May Not Win Grammy Like Burna Boy Next Year – See Why

Wizkid May Not Win Grammy Like Burna Boy Next Year – See Why


In 2019, Burna Boy got his first nomination at the Grammy’s for “African Giant” in the Best World Music Album category. Then, the unexpected happened.

Thing is, everyone was rooting for Burna Boy. We all liked him for the award, and because of the impact that album had all through that year, how stacked it is, and the quality of guests on it, we thought it was a sure thing.

Then the day of the show came and, to everyone’s surprise, Burna Boy lost. Who did he lose to? Angelique Kidjo, a four-time Grammy winner from Togo who was also featured on “African Giant.”

People even started saying the reason Burna Boy was considered for the Award was that he has Angelique’s blessing. Angelique Kidjo dedicated her award to him, and Burna went back to make a new album and go on one of the most iconic Award campaigns ever.

Fast forward to 2021, months after Burna Boy won his first Grammy and months before Grammy nominations are released and it looks like history might repeat itself.

Wizkid’s “Made in Lagos” has been one of the best albums around since its release last October. Barely seven months in and it’s already a classic. So much that it is looking likely that the Grammy committee will consider nominating it for the Best Global Album category.

If or when that happens, that will be Wizkid‘s chance to prove that he doesn’t need any foreign artist to gain international recognition – a fact that at this time is highly disputed.

The only problem now is Angelique Kidjo, our nemesis. The woman just dropped a new album today and this might turn out to be a problem if she and Wizkid are nominated in the same category.

In my opinion, the odds are greatly against Wizkid on this one, I’m afraid. Guess we’ll have to wait till the end and find out then.

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