4 dead and others wounded in an accident along epkoma Road edo state

This is the gory scene of the accident that happened along Ekpoma road that claimed the lives of about 4 persons few days ago. Among the persons that died, a police man, the driver of the cab, a relative of the girl that was raped and impregnated by her own father and the victim . From what we gathered so far, only Mr Roland Jonah a. k.a Man Alive the chief security officer ( Vigelante group) Ososo Zone and Rhoda survived the accident with serious injuries. The news is not a good news at all, as the persons that were involved in the accident were on their way to Benin to get justice for the 16 year old girl that was defiled and impregnated by her own father. It is lacrymal that the girl in question is no more, we therefore call on all Ososo people to rise up and seek justice for the departed soul of the 16 year old innocent girl. Please, this is not the time to be sentimental, let’s put sentiments aside and fight this case to the end. The comments we are getting from some of our ignorant men and women in Ososo are NOT encouraging at all. How could someone in his or her normal senses say that the case would have been swept under the carpet? I even heard someone saying that “akhi ominóni nò tùvú ná, ināni ominògbó rhó?” All these comments are not encouraging at all, are they saying that we should fold our hands and look while our under age girls are being raped by these ritualists? Are they aware that apart from the deceased innocent girl’s father who is in remind in Benin, there are two other child rapists from Egbetua serving jail term? Please let’s do everything possible to get justice for these gallant heroes that died in the process of getting justice for the girl. An injury to one is an injury to all, it is another man’s child today; it might yours tomorrow!

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