30 Importants Of Moaning During Sex

30 Importants Of Moaning During Sex

30 Importants Of Moaning During Sex
30 Importants Of Moaning During Sex



1. Moaning is a vocal expression of sexual pleasure

2. Moaning encourages your spouse to keep on doing what he/she is doing to give you pleasure

3. The sweeter the pleasure, the more passionate the moaning

4. Pay attention to your spouse’s moan. When you hear your spouse moan more, keep on doing that act. Moaning is a like a tip, a guide to knowing how to please your spouse

5. Don’t lay lifeless, soundless, motionless in bed when your spouse is having sex with you. It communicates that you are not interested

6. The sweet names you call your spouse during love making, “Sweetheart”, “Hun”, “Babe”.. don’t be using them only during love making, use them also when sex is not the agenda. Show your spouse that you value him/her for more than an orgasm

7. Some people use colorful words during moaning such as “F*ck, that feels so good!”. If you have such a colorful spouse, he/she is not insulting you, that is not the time to be a grammar police, your spouse is just feeling really good because of you. If you will use colorful words, make sure they don’t offend your spouse

8. Don’t copy moaning sounds in movies or try and imitate porn star moans; be you, don’t act

9. Most people close their eyes when they moan. The feeling is intense

10. As you moan be aware of your surrounding. If you live very close to neighbors, watch your volume; enjoy but don’t disturb the peace of others

11. As you moan, be conscious of the children if they are sleeping near. Lest they think mom and dad are having a bedroom fight

12. If you want those moments where you can unleash yourself the most and moan your loudest; occasionally book a room in a hotel that is sound proof and scream your lungs there

13. Moaning adds to the memorable experience of the love making. It is the soundtrack to the act

14. If your mind is lusting after another; you might find yourself calling that person’s name while having sex with your spouse. Who preoccupies your fantasies?

15. Don’t compare your spouse’s moan with that of your ex/exes. Enjoy your spouse as he/she is

16. For most men, their moan is tied to their breathing. They moan and breathe louder as the pleasure intensifies. He breathes a loud “Ahhh” as he ejaculates

17. In most cases, the woman is the cheerleader during love making. Her moaning boosts the man’s ego, urging him to continue

18. When your spouse moans as if he/she is about to climax, that is not the time to stop. Finish the job, keep doing that thing; take him/her there. Don’t frustrate your spouse and lose momentum

19. Most people increase their moan and the passion of the moan when they are about to climax

20. After the highest moan and the climax, seal it with the words “I love you”

21. Moans are special. Only that special someone gets to hear your pleasure sounds

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