[+18 VIDEO] James Brown Leaked $extape


Controversial Crossdresser, James Brown, has stirred reaction online after his s3x tape was leaked online.

When Nigerians thought they were done with the issue of sextape which was centred around Nigerian Entertainers, Tiwa Savage, Oxlade and Buju in recent years, James Brown is in the news for the same reason.

The clip of him having s3x with an unidentified woman which has gone viral on microblogging platform, Twitter was leaked through snapchat.

Well, James Brown has reacted to his leaked sex tape on social media. Reacting in a video on his Instagram page, James Brown, who was not remorseful, asked why Nigerians are surprised.

He said, ”Do you know one thing you guys don’t understand? I said I had a girlfriend and you guys didn’t believe me. Try me, bring your girlfriend let me have sex with her.
”Don’t I look man enough? Bring your girlfriend.”

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This James brown leaked tape is intentional. There is nothing anyone can tell me. He probably leaked that video.

He has been trying to prove to people that his cross dressing was just a mere content. He wanted to prove that he’s not a gay.

He made several videos saying that he has a girlfriend, that he just wanted to keep his relationship on the low key. Yet, people find it difficult to believe him. That’s why he released his sex tape.

It’s intentional. Nothing like leaked video.

Besides, since tiwa savage leaked video, some of these celebrities now think the easiest way to  become famous is by  leaking their sex tape.

James brown is also trying hard so that he won’t be arrested since the  Senate passed the law of gay and cross dressing prohibition.

But I thought he said he’s HIV positive, yet he went in all raw!

What’s your take on this guys?

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[+18 VIDEO] James Brown Leaked $extape

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