10 Life Lessons Sapa can Teach You

Yes! you read the headline right “Sapa Is Good” – Read along, so you can know my reasons for it.

You believe that Sapa is your most serious problem, therefore you dedicate all of your time and efforts to avoiding it. But we’re here to let you know these 8 Reasons why Sapa might be the best thing that has happened to you this year.

1. How To Avoid Billing Made Easy

You won’t have to worry about finding methods to avoid billing from Egbon Adugbos, friends, and family because you’re broke truly. You should, in fact, be the one throwing billing to them sef.

Nobody will ever send you again. So, even if you suddenly have money, they will not bill you.

2. You Will Know Your Real Friends Easily

What better way to put your friendships/relationships to the test than Sapa? When you’re broke and have nothing to offer, you’ll notice who still values you.

Even your babe can show her true color, then you who is worthy to be called wife material and who’s not.

3. You Learn To Appreciate Your Own Company (Dey Your Dey)

Instead of always hanging out with individuals who may be intending to Japa without informing you, you will spend more time at home, enjoying your own company all by yourself.

Outside is actually expensive so you probably become and introvert by force by fire 😂😂.

4. You Learn To Be Grateful

All of a sudden everybody develop the habit of writing “Alhamdulillah” on their Whatsapp status every day 😂 All thanks to Sapa!

Because Sapa has shown you Shege, you will learn to appreciate any and all help anybody gives to you at this time.

5. Peace Of Mind

Just consider it. Nobody is calling you, and you aren’t calling anyone. Even conflicts on social media will not attract your attention.

Because where can you get the energy to debate who is the GOAT online if you haven’t eaten? Abi who no get Subscription dey Gossip on Instagram? 😭

6. You Will Eat Well And Healthy

Na Sapa go make you sabi say Ugwu get nutrient pass Shawarma 😂

Where are your cravings? Being broke forces you to explore for alternatives. So you want some pizza? Don’t worry; you’ll like the bread and egg.

And, because you won’t be spending money on junk food, you can now concentrate on your fit fam quest.

7. It Gives Rise To New Thoughts & Ideas

You may disagree, but the majority of the finest ideas come to us when we are at our lowest.

So, while you’re broke, you’ll concentrate your efforts on the several methods you might generate money to Japa from Sapa.

8. Making Decisions Is Simpler

You no longer have to worry about what to eat or whether you should change your car or buy a new iPhone because your alternatives are restricted when you’re broke.

You purchase only what you can afford. Abi you don see begger wey dey get choice?

I hope with these few points of mine, I’ve been able to convince you and not confuse you that Sapa also has its own Advantages!

So Guys 👇

Which Of These Lessons Has Sapa Taught You Too?

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